More senior riders

If there might be a senior rider out there that may want to have a partner on a ride, let me know.

Hey Kenneth, Just a note that a Zwift senior is not defined the same as “government” senior so you may wish to add a touch more clarification about what you might be looking for. Also ability and pace might help.
Senior = 23 to 29,
Master = 30 to 39,
Veteran = 40 to 49
There are age related events, races, that start at 30+ and go all the way up to 70+.

Thank you will clarify KAG

I am 67 and race based on cat determined by my 90% watts/kg over 20 min. Makes it interesting.


I am new to Zwift and I have a few bugs to work out on my wahoo. Once done I will certainly contact you. Thank you