Training for older riders

Are there any rides or training for the 60 and older group! I am enjoying Zwift, but just can’t keep up! I have been riding for several years and competed in some Century rides, just getting a bit slower!

Hey Jeff,
There aren’t too many age specific events as most are based on FTP. Theoretically if your FTP is say 1.8w/kg it shouldn’t matter your age. However, when it comes to racing there is a masters series that do have a 60+ age category but be aware it’s tough.
If you are an older recreational rider I would just look for rides that are promoted to ride within your FTP and then don’t chase the front group. For me it is very disappointing when a ride is promoted as say 1.5-1.8 w/kg and then everyone takes off and does 3.0 w/kg leaving the leader to bring up the rear. Some rides are better than others so you just need to find ones that work for you.
I know I gave you a lot of personal info but I hope some of it helps.

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Hi …I am 64…I’d be interested in any rides that you find !

Thanks for getting back to me! I’ll keep pedaling and enjoying the ride!

Glad to know I’m not the only one!

That information was very helpful! I am enjoying Zwift, but I do get passed by most all riders unless they have stopped!LOL

Take a look here:
It is a searchable list of all events on Zwift.
look for rides/events that suits your ftp.
I just found an event “ZER I’d Rather be Easy Riding with Ray (Est. Av. 1.2 - 1.5” that might suit you.

Awesome! Thank you for the response!