Group for Older Riders

Are there any other older riders who would like to have a group to ride in? I love riding on Zwift but know that there is no way I can keep up with the younger riders. Yes it is fun to occasionally be able to tire out a younger rider but wouldn’t it be more fun to be riding in a Group of your peers. Personally I think the Group should be for riders 65years old and older.
If you would like Zwift to create an Older Rider’s Group please send an email to Zwift support. Hopefully if enough of us send in emails maybe Zwift will create a Group for us where we could organize daily or weekly rides and possibly even some training plans.

It’s a terrific idea! And variations on the age theme have occurred in many other threads in these forums, which I wholehearted support. However, I would submit that the age cut-offs would have to be considered very carefully. For example, I’ve participated in a number of the Tour of Watopia rides, and it’s clear from at least the ZwiftPower results, that there really aren’t a lot of over 65+ riders participating. Here’s an example from the most recent ride I did. In many events, an over 65+yo - just showing up will guarantee a podium finish (edit: when ranked by age groups). It’s a well-known fact that the 50+ group is one of the most competitive in all of endurance sports, viewed by just sheer numbers of participants. Well-to-do, retired demographic with a lot of time to train! LOL.

There were huge numbers of participants overall.

These results are showing for the combined Category A and B and C distance rides last evening at 2100 EDT (NY). Disappointingly, only one rider who “identifies” as a woman.

I need a century club, as in 100kg +


You might find this thread interesting and relevant to a way of viewing your results in such a way as to balance the “veteran” factor.

https:// forums.zwift. com /t/columns-in-results/546614/4
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Yeah, it’s weird that Zwift just use Wkg as a base for groups.
UCI and all Countries use age related Championships.
I’ll never win a race against a 30 year old or even a 40 year old.
I don’t think I do too bad in the 50’s but I’m 58 now.
Yep, after 55 we should have age groups in races in 5 year groups - all under the title of OAP Racing.
Also would be nice to have our zwift names in colours to represent the UCI age groupings.
Junior, masters, vet etc… :thinking:

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Search for the ZRL races they do some nice masters races. Events

OH DEAR 65 & older can be an under/over issue. I am under my hubby is over - grin. We enjoy Seattle Baby Steps on Sundays & do banded meet ups with others( ages 6 on up) during the week. Banding lets the youngster spin out their energy as we [ass them - Tortoise & Hare

Count me in. I’m 64.

There are several clubs that have regular chilled out group rides throughout the week. World Social Riders and HERD have group rides that are nice and laid back. Ascenders has some nice relaxing group rides as well as more challenging rides.

Give the PACK a try, we have plenty of riders 70+ and some even sweep for us.

Roger that!