Zwift racing for older riders

I enjoy the races. It’s a reason for going full pelt, oxygen sucking mode but I’m always at the tail end. Only once did i get to stay in a group of 4 riders for a couple of minutes. It was riveting trying to keep up for as long as possible but eventually i faded away. So i often end up riding alone.

I can’t help feeling that there are a lot more younger Zwift riders than myself - i am jealous. I am 50+.

What options are there for older riders to enjoy Zwift and to make it more realistic - are there races based on age - like a master category? 

I found this a week or so ago, i am yet to participate. It might be what you are looking for.

Thanks Shaun, this is great.

i find that at 105kg and 61 year old, ftp 184 , i can hold my own in D races ( flats ones i have move into C), find a gear and spin it just lower than your ftp?

Oh cool. Wondered why I seen the ZHR tag with different letter at the end.