Newbie here.. looking for other oldsters

Hi I’m new to zwift only a level 5. I’m a 68 year old woman and I’m looking for a group to ride with.

Obviously, I’m not ready for a KOM yet but want to work up to it. Any oldsters out there just starting out and want to form up rides?

Welcome @chris_Kordel1

The ZHR group has rides by age see Mostly blokes but I expect somebody there would know if there is a better group.

Best tip as you are starting out go to and check out all the useful tips like signing up for the Everest challenge so you start working towards getting the Tron bike you will see others riding. Its the one with glowing wheels. Also, sign up for Zwiftpower, the link will explain how.

Hope that helps.

Thanks I for your suggestions. I’ll look into them right now

Hello Chris,
The Zwift Pack group have rides every day of the week and for every type of rider. They are very well organized. They are on Facebook.

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