Do you think, an average 60-ish year old person can improve their FTP into the low 200’s by putting in a good effort with the zwift workout programs 3 to 4 times a week or do we hit a plateau and only with crazy commitments will keep improving???

Hi I am 57 and I have a current FTP of 236 and used the TT training programme over 8 weeks and improved my FTP by 40. I would say yes. I would also ask what are your goals for the season or is it just for general fitness or racing, this will dictate the programme and intensity that is required. I use Zwift about 4-5 days a week and always use a structured work out apart from race days where it is max effort.

Good to know!! And something to work towards.
My goals are to ride more easily with my friends. The faster, and fitter I am the more fun my social life, which is primarily cycling with friends will be.
I road bike as well as mtn bike and I feel the increased fitness I have gained since being on zwift (Jan 2021) has made it so I can focus on the skill required to a technical challenge on the singletrack making me a better mtn biker as well a stronger member of my road group.
When I started zwift, my FTP was 130. I am now at 178 - big gain!

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Raw number hard to interpret without your weight/size. Your potential at 60 is almost certainly lower than it would have been at 30 but that doesn’t mean you can’t get and stay fit at that age. There are some super strong people riding these age cats in veteran/ masters racing (both zwift and real life).

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