Vet Riders

(Ken Stickings ZHR (G)) #1

I have a suggestion, in sports you have a number of veteran levels vet 1 - over 30…vet 2 - over 40 and vet 3 over 60.    What would improve my experience with zwift would that level of vet status to be recognized within zwift so that I as a vet 3 could be compared on a like for like basis with individuals within my age group…it’s really difficult for an older chap to compete on the same level as a 20/30/40 year old and therefore it becomes more and more difficult to achieve a stage jumper therefore the younger competitors have an unfair advantage on us oldies…


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

There is a group of Masters that have their own league, look for the ZHR masters races.

They are also on FB “zwift masters”

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #3

I agree Ken - although only up to a point. I mean, 40-59 is still a huge age gap. I’m 49 and “looking forward” to being a V50. ;)