Veteran jerseys

Introducing jerseys for veteran Zwifters would make sprints and climbs more interesting for older riders. What about 50+, 60+ KOM etc? We have no chance of topping tables against younger riders, but it would be great to have the chance to compare against similar age range during each ride!

@Brett_Martin1 What a good idea. As a 51 year old rider I look at the sprint times in any given ride and feel great if I’m within touching distance of them, circa. 10 seconds. Would be great if Zwift brought this in :+1:t2:

Yes good idea or have age category events

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Its a good idea . I think being able to filter the segment leaderboards by Agegroup ( like you can by gender … if you are female) makes sense ( optional of coruse) .

There are already age category events in zwift run by ZHR , in fact they are some of the best events in Zwift . Search on Zwiftpower or Zwifthacks for ZHR Masters .

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great idea i am 57 and sick of getting ass kicked by 16 yr old kids

DOB is freely changeable as often as you like, as far as I can see.

You just know someone will decide to pretend they’re 30 years older for a day just to take all the jerseys.

It’s self-reported, so maybe there will be people who “age dope”.

It’d be nice, but definitely open to abuse.

“age doping” : We probably all did it when drinking under legal age :wink:

If a feature is not implemented because it can be abused, basically nothing would be ever created.

If the intent is good and the harm caused by the abuse is lower than the absence of the feature, it’s worth it.

And keep in mind that in-game leader boards are just here for ego boost since they are not only virtual but also short lived.

Yeah, I’m not saying don’t do it. It’s just clear that some people won’t honour it.

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The good thing about jerseys (as opposed to Zwiftpower times) is that they reset many times per day. So, with veteran jerseys, you will get a good sense of where you really sit in your age group after a number of rides. Of course, there will be a few who age-dope but their results will stand out as anomalous. Unfortunately, Zwiftpower is useless for benchmarking - it’s peppered with nonsensical records because it spans years. I’m in the over-60s but when I try to benchmark my ADZ best I find the top ten are pretty much on a par with Chris Froome!

I am near 68 and I consider more important adequate the Zwift Training’s Plans to our age. I mean if the workout is for instance 3x30sec@105rpm, 168W I can get that power but no that cadence. With age the tendency is to decrease the freely chosen cadence. According to some studies, this loss of cadence would average 3rpm per decade


While I do believe Zwift should hold long-lived records themselves, Strava can be used for this if you have a premium account. You can compare your times against an age band (fixed, quite wide 55-64, then 65-69) and from the current year, day, week, month or all time (and men/women).