Wrong age category displayed

I turned 49 years old a few days ago. This was already a fairly traumatic event, but now Zwift is showing me as having moved into the 50+ category. Same issue for one of my other 49 year old friends, but not another. Can anyone explain? Obviously I don’t want an unfair advantage in the 50+ category :joy:.

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Birthday just before Xmas.

I think it shows your age group based on year of birth rather than date.

Was your recent birthday last year?


This post came up a couple of days ago. I didn’t reply to him but did check details. CA shows him as 59 but ZwiftPower shows him as 60+ but he says he is not 60 until the coming November.

I know in some countries ( I think Europe?) and some sporting competitions that if you turn an age ( say 40 yrs old ) later in the year you can race/compete in that age category ( over 40s) anytime from 1st January of that year. [ Edit : not saying this has anything to do with how ZP is set up ]

Basing a competitors age category on just their year of birth is fairly standard in many sports. Or on their age at a specified start of that sport’s season.

Otherwise, any league or series of events becomes littered with competitors who qualified, and then didn’t - and vice versa.

Maybe more of an issue where the age bands are narrow (youth and young adult categories) but the same practise gets applied across the board.


Yes. Last few hours of 2022. Maybe as some have suggested it’s based on the year, but thought I’d check.

Ooh, I know this one :grin:

Mark is correct, I know it doesn’t apply here directly but the UCI in particular do this so it would make sense for Zwift to do the same:

1.1.034 For participation in events on the international calendar, riders’ categories are
determined by the age of those competing as defined by the difference between the year
of the event and the year of birth of the rider.

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