Disqualified due to age

Why did I get disqualified on ZwiftPower from the BRT age race this evening with the label ‘AGE’ despite being in the correct category for my age and having the correct date of birth on Zwift. I am 46 and entered category B.

Read this: https://forums.zwift.com/t/why-was-i-flagged-is-this-other-racer-legit/

You should contact the event organizer. But If I may guess is they use the year that you turn 47 so you are now in the next group because you turn 47 this year.


Thanks, have completed the form

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Racing age in bike racing is usually the age you are that year. I thought having a birthday in November would be an advantage to there are always older f*ckrs that are faster…

I guess that’s what they mean by “(birth year)”. They should be a bit clearer though. Bit galling to be DQ’d from a race for racing above your cat.


Contact the organizer maybe they can move you to the correct group.