Age wrong on Zwift Power

Zwift Power is showing me as 60+ but I’m only 59.
It shows correct on Zwift but not Zwift power, any suggestions much appreciated.

Do you turn 60 this year? It’s normal to be put into the next category at the beginning of the year rather than part way through a season/ race series.

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It always shows the age that you are going to be in the calendar year.

Thanks, just feel a lot older already now.

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Happy birthday! Your age group is useful for humiliating youngsters, and it’s a ready-made excuse when you don’t get on the podium.

Just reading this on NYD 2024… I was wondering also why i’m in the 50s bracket already. But then realised MY GOSH I’M 50 THIS YEAR…agggggh. Need to go and quickly buy a red bike and more lycra :smile: Thanks for the info peeps.

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