Wrong age category in Today's Plan

I started Zwift Academy and I make the first WO. In Today’s Plan, in the dashboard, my age category is wrong. Last year I was 39, now 40. My date of birth seems to be setup correctly in my profile .

Is there any way I can change the age group comparaison in Today’s Plan?

Thank you.


I’d also like to know the answer to this as I’m having the same problem. I’m 40 and my age category is wrong - showing as 30-39 despite my profile age and DOB being correct on my profile

Same here. I’m 50 but in the 40-49 category. Seems to be a pattern.

I contacted Today’s Plan about this and they said it was a known issue. Their temporary fix was to increase your age in today’s plan until you appear in the correct age category, for me this meant saying I was born two years earlier.

This has now been fixed for me. You may want to see if it works for you now.

Yes, it’s been working correctly for me for a few days now. Yay!