Age based Race and Sprint rating

(Andreas Schortens PACK) #1

I suggest to have a age based Race and Sprint rating.

There are much riders with high ages and cannot make best times to compare, so i like to see categories:

12 < 18
18 < 35
35 < 45
45 < 55
55 < 60
60 < 65
65 < 70
70 < 100

I think then Zwift can also make race and group events for age classes.

What do you think?

(Nigel Doyle) #2

There are already age based racing events on Zwift. Not many but some.

(Andrew Gustafson Age 77) #3

This would be a great addition, but I would prefer that the age categories for over 70 be divided into 5 year segments as is done for state and national championships and the Huntsman World
Senior Games. When I turn 80 in a little over two years, I don’t want to have to race 70 year old youngsters. If age categories already exist for Zwift events, I haven’t seen them.