Age based Race and Sprint rating

I suggest to have a age based Race and Sprint rating.

There are much riders with high ages and cannot make best times to compare, so i like to see categories:

12 < 18
18 < 35
35 < 45
45 < 55
55 < 60
60 < 65
65 < 70
70 < 100

I think then Zwift can also make race and group events for age classes.

What do you think?

There are already age based racing events on Zwift. Not many but some.

This would be a great addition, but I would prefer that the age categories for over 70 be divided into 5 year segments as is done for state and national championships and the Huntsman World
Senior Games. When I turn 80 in a little over two years, I don’t want to have to race 70 year old youngsters. If age categories already exist for Zwift events, I haven’t seen them.

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