Better masters / age based racing

Better support Masters racing by adding age ranges in the same way categories are presented, including the ability to search for events by age. That could drive a tremendous amount of new users and increased participation.

The last TT I did (Frostbite in Colorado) the largest group was 60+. Why? We don’t like the crashing risk at our age. Why not exploit that advantage and feature category PLUS age segmentation? Zwift has a worldwide audience to draw from and thus if presented/promoted, should fill up all the categories - age and category.

I am 64, was once a competent Time trial’st years ago. Now my body is worn out, and harbouring complications to slow me down even more.
I entered a D race with the innocent view I might at least hang on the back for a while.
Not so.
They vanished at brake neck speed, to never be seen again.
D ! Flipping heck they were quick.
I didn’t come in last, but was not far off being last.
So for me and others like me, racing in even the D category is not an option.
Disheartened, at there not being an age category, racing in Zwift is but a fairy-story.

There’s the ZHR Masters series.

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I’ve said this years ago.

Being very nearly 60… I find it disheartening to see people disappear over the hill in events.

I asked for events based on age groups before as there is no way I can compete with a 20 - 40 year old on zwift races.

Only having Wkg based cats is limiting the chances of older folk to get towards the front.

Just saying. :grin: