Masters races

How do I find just master races… keep checking events and keep missing them . is there a future schedule ???

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There have been a couple questions about age group racing recently and my research did not find any masters events on the calendar now. If you find any please report back.

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I will . masters races are the only races I do

I find ZwiftPower filter and search facility very easy to find exactly what you are after:

Ignore the Saturday race which just happens to have Masters in the description but I don’t think is an age group race, other two are. Both are now well supported with over 150 shown in last weeks results.

Id like to know Masters racing too because i have no idea how or why I’m a 60yr old cat-b trying to race against young “kids” who have way more power. They need more cats or aged based cats for racing.

I’m in my mid 50s and I’ve done a few master races on Zwift and I found them be to very hard, even harder than regular Zwift races.

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Yeah if you’re a 60 year old B category rider, doing masters races might involve racing a 60 year old A category rider. There quite a few of those who have horrible trainers or spin bikes. Plus you’ll surely be racing 60 year old C and D category riders, and what’s the point of that? I’m 53 and I’m happy with my power but there are tons of people in my age category who will instantly ride away from me. I’d rather race against people with similar power.

100% agree with the problem of not having enough categories, but the trade off is that splitting up all the categories results in much smaller fields to race against. I prefer racing the Club Ladder team events where participants are mostly ranked based on race results.

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This. I looked at one once and because the usual power categories were replaced by age categories I was seriously outgunned as a 55yo Cat C :smile:

Although I can’t keep up with the 60 year olds that can still ride for 20 minutes at 5 w/kg, because the races are all (as far as I’m aware) mass starts there is generally a group riding at a good pace for me, and even as a cat B I can still make the occasional podium. The bunches are a lot smaller, but I actually quite enjoy them.

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