Age Group Races

It would be nice to have events/races divided into age groups

Great idea.  Racing would be much more like real life.

It’s being discussed at Zwift HQ.  More to follow!



VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.

Look for the Zwift master ZHR races, I started doing them and it is lots of fun. 

Groups are split into 5 year categories as per UCI regulations but depending on rider numbers they may initially be combined into 10 year bands or split into more categories for older ages.

A             30-34 years

B             35-39 years

C             40-44 years

D             45-49 years

E              50-54 years

F              55-59 years

G             60 -64 years

H             65-69 years

I               70-74 years

J              75-79 years