ZHR Masters Categories by age

For a laugh, I entered the ZHR Masters race this morning, 10:30am BST in Makuri Islands on the Farmland Loop.

Aged based categories so I correctly entered in C.
My avatar wore the C jersey and all was good.
Couldn’t hold onto the breakaway but settled in with a nice blob and had a decent sprint finish.

In ZP, I couldn’t find myself in the results.
I was given a finishing position of 11th but not in Cat C, I was in Cat E.

What am I not understanding?

Previously, I enter the correct power based Cat but get disqualified for putting in an outstanding effort so then I enter an age based Cat and get bumped down the board for…!?

May as well just stick to individual TT efforts and be done with it.

Having not looked at this race specifically, but im sure if you check the description of the race it will mention results are split into the UCI categories so therefore then get further broken down…

I could be completely wrong but im sure that was the answer the last time this was asked… I think they then split the cats by 5 year gaps over the 10 year gaps or something like that

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Thanks for the speedy reply.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the box but I wish there was a race series you could enter based on a particular parameter and just get on and enjoy it without so many complications.

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10 year age groups and I’m correctly placed in C but results put me in E.

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I just checked & it is split by UCI category

Results will be further sub-divided on ZwiftPower into the UCI 5-year bands.

Not sure it makes that much difference how they are split post race tbf…

Edit - Keep scrolling down, the bit you cut off the bottom is the important bit…

Formatting is not great, but its there…

Unfortunately Zwift only have 5 pens that they can use so the organizer has to work with what is available.


Maybe you’re special, Ya never know.

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Cheers @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ that makes sense but I would suggest that the organisers made that clear beforehand.
I’m going to stop moaning as I actually enjoyed myself and improved my race points thingy by a few points too.

@Liz_J special needs? Yup, you got me! :crazy_face:

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But it is clearly described in The companion app in the event notes. There is noting more the organizer can do.


“Results will be further sub-divided on ZwiftPower into the UCI 5-year bands.”

Is there a clearer way to make it clear? :smiley:

Sorry about razzing you, it’s just too tempting.


Please, razz away! I give it so I’ve got to take it! :yum:
Where have you got that info from?

Oh my jeez!
I’ve just seen it.

Please remove me from this forum. I am obviously too stupid to be posting stuff!

Sorry guys and gals and thank you.


Eh, help is here and always will be for anyone who needs it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Haha! I get the same feeling all the time…