Results very confusing....why?

I raced Innsbruckring yesterday 17:30 in cat C (56)…why am i not listed in Cat C pool?

You are in Cat F position 26th?

I presume they further split the field by 5 year intervals as its a masters race.

You’re listed under category F. Presumably age-based categories.

Iam in the correct age range for the group my time puts me around 6th ish in the listed C group…why am i listed in the F group?
What does F group mean?
Why am i not listed correctly based on my time within the C group? iam 55 the group was for 50-59 yrs old i should be listed around 6th ish

Looking for racing based on age categories, instead of w/kg? This is the race series for you!

When entering the event you MUST join the correct Age Category divided into the following 10-year bands, where your age is the actual age on 31st December of the current year:

A: 30-39 years
B: 40-49 years
C: 50-59 years
D: 60-69 years
E: 70 years and over

Female riders race one category up, e.g. a 42 year old woman would race as Category C. Results will be further sub-divided on ZwiftPower into the UCI 5-year bands.

Power-ups are allowed
You can use our Discord channel to talk to each other:

Results will be available only on ZwiftPower. Please go to for more details.

It tells you in the event information prior to sign up that it will be further split

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ok…so how old are F riders ? and how old are the riders who have made the C cat??? when it says the C cat is 50-59 id be 56 on dec 31st thus year?? utterly bonkers

The race pens aren’t the same as the age categories that it’s put you into on Zwiftpower. So C isn’t 50-59 on ZP. If the pens are 10 years wide for the race, then clearly ZP will need twice the number of categories to be 5 years wide as per the UCI. There aren’t enough pens to start everyone off in the separate UCI cats.


This may help:

Race Pen Age
A 30-39
B 40-49
C 50-59
D 60-69
E 70
Zwift power (UCI) Age
A 30-34
B 35-39
C 40-44
D 45-49
E 50-54
F 55-59
G 60-64
H 65-69
I 70-74
J 75-79
K 80+

Whilst you are making changes, when racing non-masters races probably worth racing in B cats going forward rather than DQ’d from C races…

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Thanks Gerrie

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