Filter by Rider category and Age

I’m new to Zwift & Zwiftpower - I’m 56 and Cat C. When I look at results for C Category events quite a lot of riders seem to be Cat A & B. Can I see (1) ranked results for just C category riders and then (2) ranked results for 50+ riders. I’m keen to see how I compare for Riders in my category and my age.

When racing, only use Zwiftpower results. I see you already have 25 events under your belt.

Your questions look like they relate to Zwift results and not Zwiftpower - only use Zwiftpower and then out of Cat riders are generally auto-DQ’ed.

Your Haute Route rides (which were configured as races in Zwiftpower) were certainly filled with higher cat riders but you will see that they were also filtered out of the race results (DQ’ed) in Zwiftpower.

Your events do appear to be mostly group rides so any Cat rider can generally enter whatever Cat works for the ride but that depends how the organiser has setup the event (Cat A rider can join a Cat D avg power group ride and use it for recovery pace for example).

You can view Zwiftpower age categories by adding a column to your Zwiftpower results. Below is a snip from one of your Haute events. You came 58th overall EDIT: but by counting up how many in your age group ahead, you can see you got 12(ish) for age group.