Masters SA categories

I entered the Masters SA yesterday in Cat D which was supposed to be the 60-69 age group. I am a Cat C rider and so when results were out I seemed to have been treated as a UPG for being out of Cat. I thought the results were to be in age groups? Is it my mistake or are the results on Zwift power wrongly categorised?

Probably best to send an email off to if it is not corrected within say 24hrs. It sounds like its configured as a normal event, not aged based, hence either the organiser needs to tidy it up, or Zwift.

Just give it a lite time. Your result will actually be listing in cat f or g I think. When you register it is in 10 yr increments but results are broken down to 5 yr increments. So it deposit if you are 60-64 or 65-69

I’ve participated in 5 Masters SA races since 28 July 2021 which was the last time the correct age categories were applied in ZwiftPower. Something is broke somewhere. I’ll get an email off to ZwiftPower.