More events like MAAP, ToZ, ToW

Hi Zwift,

Any chance you can put on more events like the current Off the MAAP and previous events like Tour of Zwift and Tour of Watopia. Similarly with Fondos. The numbers signing up clearly suggest that they are very popular. I personally much prefer these to races or group rides.

I like that we can all go at our own pace and that we eventually find a group to ride with. I like how some days I may prefer to race them and some days I may prefer to cruise them.

I like that they are a series so we can tick off the events.

Please put more on, ideally all year round.

Right there with you. The regular BMTR Fundo events are also great. I’d love to see them put on a little series that includes some weekday events and climbing routes.


@Bobert and @Paul_Southworth

Glad to hear it! Sounds like you’re calling out the flexible nature that allows you to choose your own approach to these campaigns, would you say that’s accurate?

Some things I like about fondo type events:

  • You can choose to race it or not
  • Results are provided and show up in ZwiftPower
  • Large fields of riders that break up into draftable groups - rarely ride alone
  • Routes longer than the typical Zwift race and less use of repeated laps

I really enjoyed ToW 2022 and I was motivated to do every stage, some more than once. When it was over I was ready for it to run again with no changes to the format.


Exactly the same as @Paul_Southworth.

I like how the events are differentiated by the route and not the ability. I love riding with 1000+ riders and being able to form mini groups on the road. They are just like mini sportives.
I also like how regularly they occur - often many times a day.


These types of events do have a great feel to them.

Hundreds of riders and you always end up in a great group.

Restores my faith in cyclists.


Second all of the above… more events / group rides… whatever you want to call them - like ToW and TdZ please :slight_smile: