Create new routes for fondos

The monthly fondos are greatly and usually very well attended. However the routes are the same every month and have been the same for the last few fondo series.

Can we add some unique routes to the fondos? It would be really great to make the long fondo routes the same as the very long routes, like Four Horsemen, Mega Pretzel, Uber Preztel, or PRL Full. The medium routes could be PRL Half, Big Foot Hills, Tire-Bouchon, Watopia Pretzel. And the small routes could be routes like Surrey Hills, Dust in the Wind, or Bigger Loop.

Those long routes especially are very intimidating to ride by yourself but in a fondo they would go by much faster. Many folks are looking to get those last couple route badges and doing them in a fondo could be just the incentive they need.

Thanks for considering!

Hey Conor, thanks for the input. We’ve been and will be discussing this at Zwift. The December zFondo was awesome - so many people joined and it was a fantastic ride. We’ve heard similar feedback from our most loyal, consistent Zwifters who fondo on a monthly basis - there are many who have simply ridden these fondo routes many times and additionally want a group to help snag one or more of those super challenging badges. We will take this into account as we define the upcoming zFondos for this season and into the future.

Thank you,


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Had to abandon this mornings Fondo as after 15 min pedalling. Zwift elapsed time was less than 4 min! Went back in and completed Mega Pretzel but Zwift was still struggling for the first hour as it seemed that I was on my own. If I did see another rider they were all in the basic orange Jersey and disappeared after a few seconds.
At one point there were over 16000 riders. Is this too many? Everything settled down when it was down below 13000 and I could then see riders around me.