Wanted to do the zFondo yesterday

I’m a Zwift newbie, just got the Tacx Vortex Smart and Zwift 2 days ago and love it.  Heard about the Fondo events so I went looking for them in the game and couldn’t find anything.  Went and did the 72.2km Watopia Pretzel route from start to finish and rode through a finish line "ring"at 72.6km I think it was.

The elevation (1300+m) was a shock as I actually overlooked that number when clicking the route haha…

Anyway I get the impression I won’t be getting credit for doing the Medio Fondo route because I didn’t set up the game properly…Not seeing any signs of completing it, and I’ve read from other users about a software crash or something may have happened, can anyone confirm?

Thanks :slight_smile: