December Fondo

So under a week out the December Fondo events still don’t seem to be appearing. Is this weird at all? I don’t really remember when the November events were posted.

They normally send out a promo email in the week. Hopefully they’re looking at new routes for these as the current ones are getting a bit repetitive

I agree - it would be great to have more route variety

Better late than never:

We are doing the Fondo’s the first week of each month, but due to World Champs and a ton of cool events this past week, we moved to the 12th for this month.

Noted we all want more visibility to plan for these adventures. I’ll note that and take it back to the Events team at Zwift.

Zwift Content Programming

While you’re at it, how about adding a larger time window for these events? I’ll be out of town for about 24 hours this weekend (midday Saturday to midday Sunday, US Mountain time), but the first event is at 2pm Saturday and the last event is at noon on Sunday. Running these for the entire weekend would be a big step forward.


Agreed. It’s no less special if it’s over the whole weekend.

Please please please build in some route variety over the series. Doing the same overlapping routes every time reduces the beauty of the experience. Bring back the pretzels of old!


Looks like they added some additional event times for February’s fondo.

And the Mega Pretzel is back!