Just had an email from Zwift about Fondo events. Forgive my ignorance but I couldn’t see a calendar/link to the events. Be nice to know when they are happening. 

Anyone know?


Yes, me too. I looked and couldn’t find anything obvious and would like to take part. 

When is it?

How do we enter?

Thanks in advance.


Found it!

From the Zwift website login page (logged in) the menu (top left on my screen) click the horizontal lines to reveal a page with “Events” at the top. Scrolling through I eventually found this:

For Sunday this weekend 17/12/17 at 8am GMT or 3pm GMT.

Have fun


Great, thanks.

Also for the Maratona dles Dolomites Fondo

And also the article listing the dates for the rest of the Fondo series