Fondo event 10 march


I saw that there is a fondo event on 10 march.

But I don’t see it in the event list (want to join). Is it to soon and will it show up later in the list?
Or is the date not correct?


Usually the Fondo events are listed at least a week in advance, but this time it looks like they’re a little behind. If you’re curious about the route, it will likely be the same as January/February 2019.

I love to attend fondo event because their all events are well managed and professional.

For anyone that’s curious, the four Fondo times for this weekend are now up on the schedule.

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Curious why there are so few time slots (only 4 options) for the Fondo events? The last one on Sunday is at noon for me, Eastern time zone. Not very convenient for a global audience.