Fondo Timings

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Just felt the need to say how disappointed I am by the choice of ride times for the Fondo series of events. I get the benefits of running them on a Sunday to maximise availability for as many riders as possible if they are only running on a single day, but why no 9pm start? There are rare Sundays when I might be able to take part at 9am, but none of those coincide with the Fondo dates, so all six are basically unusable for me. If a 9pm start was offered I could ride all of them.

Obviously, I am aware that Zwift isn’t all about me, and I am not making a fuss, it just seems odd to run a single day event without a late evening start time for those of us who are generally tied up on that day of the week and I wondered what the reasoning was for that.

My guess would be because that would run the longer routes through into the early hours, but the C route would be over well before midnight so you would have one very happy Zwifter here if there was at least the option to ride the short Fondo route in late evening.


The Fondo times are not friendly to the Western US and Canada. You posted this for January, but here we are in March, and still no good Sunday afternoon slots. Why not add another time or two to the events?


Completely agree. As someone who works early on Sunday in the EST time zone, none of these four offerings fit my schedule. This is an event I would love to work into my Zwifting but the schedule is not conducive for me.

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Bumping this old one. A time for midday Sunday for Australians would be good. I’m not sure why they cant have extra events.