Credit for Fondo

I hope Zwift will find a way to credit me for the Fondo I was booted out of earlier today.  Nice to see the app logged me back in after it crashed and brought me back to where I left off on the map but I was then free riding on the Volcano Circuit.  I continued until I passed 30 miles but it wasn’t saved.  Kind of a bummer in general because I was on my way to new PRs, this being my 3rd Fondo, but also I’d like to be entered in the drawing for the Canyon.  Today’s issues likely disqualified a lot of people from that opportunity.


Zwift saved my ride at 24 miles but I went over 30.  Screenshots attached.

Same here! Crashed multiple times but I was able to finish the Fondo. Unfortunately  it did not save my ride. All was lost for me. Pretty pissed! 

Same here with crashing but I did the WBR race. I was also able to save workout it but didn’t indicate that I participated in the race and it didn’t save to zwiftpower (although other participants’ results are there).