Did not save data to Zwift, Strava or Training Peaks

“Save” icon stayed on for about three minutes after trying to save and then went off.  Checked on ride data - no data for today’s ride on any media.

Same here, put in a two hour ride. I am assuming that this was due to the server outage. 
I was hoping that there was ride file that is kept locally so that it can be resynced when the service resumes, but it doesn’t seem that way. 

Surely this is an easy method of redundancy instead of just losing all ride data. 

happened to me too.  I uploaded the ride to Strava from my local computer, it’s saved in your documents folder.  Not sure you can upload to Zwift though?

Thanks for the tip! Found it and did the same. 

Shame that my ride mileage and altitude will probably not be accumulated.