Preview of map when saving

Only minor. Zwift shut down when the Apple TV decided to install an update I think. When I restarted Zwift I was asked if I wanted to resume. Selected yes. The distance and location were OK and continued the ride. When saving the preview of the map showing where I had ridden only show where I had ridden since resuming. When opening in Strava it showed the total ride on the map. Just the preview was wrong when saving.

Thanks for the heads up Lindsay! I’ll investigate with our team but yeah if you’re disconnected in the middle of a ride that progress usually is lost. Was it a free ride or something else?

Only a free ride Vincent. It all worked ok and recovered the ride ok. Distance etc. was ok. Only the preview on the map on the map when saving showed only the later part of the ride. The Strava map showed the entire ride.

Ah I see, thank you for the details! If this happens again in the future feel free to update this thread too.