Lost my 1st ride :-(

New zwiftet here. Just completed my 1st ride of about an hour. I ran into the 25km ‘expired’ thing, activated my membership that came with the hub immediately afterwards.
Still, can’t find my ride back on the iPad I used or the companion app. The .fit files are just about empty (608bytes only).
Any pointers ? Am I doing something wrong or is this due to the membership not being activated before the ride ?
Thanks ! Dirk

Level 60 rider here, Zwift have very bad crashing today. 3 time for in 1 hour.

it not you.

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The user didn’t have a crash. Infact, they had such a good ride they took up a membership.

Thanks. All worked fine a day later :wink:

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sounds like you didn’t save the ride properly or lost wifi when trying to save maybe? Glad it worked out the next time, welcome to Zwift!!!

The community here is full of excellent resources, don’t hesitate to ask questions. There is a big learning curve for Zwift.