Where’s my Fondo ??

Just completed my first Fondo and selected upload ride.  It hung for a bit and then took me back to the home screen showing all the stuff I’d unlocked and the 30 miles from today etc.


just had another look and the Fondo isn’t there anymore and neither are my achievements or unlocks.

What’s going on?.  Have my efforts been wasted !?!?!?


My Fondo is missing as well. There are huge gaps in the results on zwift power where 20-30 riders that I rode with are not listed.

Same here. It did not save the Fondo properly and all the achievements and part of the ridden km etc. is missing.(on the app) It was not transferred to Strava or TP as well.

Hope they’ll fix it…!!


my fondo looks corrupted/incomplete, as in i did 29km…  and its missing on Zpower. I also lost my Unlocked Kit

Zwift Power is only reporting 119 completions of the North American B Fondo and there were 380 participating. I finished in 2:27:36 and looking at Zwift Power, there is is a large gap in results from 2:23:00 to 2:32:00.

All my achievements, unlocks and xp are missing. The only thing complete is the .fit file on my PC.

Completion of this Fondo was likely also necessary for riders trying to complete 3/5 fondos to be eligible to win the Canyon bike. With this loss of data, a lot of people just got taken out of the contest because of server issues. Fun.

Think I found the fit file for it.  Uploaded to Strava and it looks good there, but I also had another 4 or so fit files for today that were corrupt.

So wondering if ZWIFT can’t cope with all the corrupt files getting uploaded too due to the server freezing issues etc.

Hopefully they can clear out the corrupt ones and replace with the proper fit file and give us all back our unlocks and stuff.

Fingers crossed!!


Hung on me at least 6 times. Results screen was completely blank. None of my results have uploaded correctly. I got 2 polkerdot jerseys and a green sprint. Have not been credited with completing this 3 of 5 Fondo and have not got the March Fondo Kit. As I crossed the line, I was given the green jersey, but that has gone also now. Not impressed!

I lost mine as well. I was able to finish despite crashing multiple times.  But never save anything. 

I got my ride uploaded to Strava - so it really did happen, it also shows complete, not ‘partial’, under my zwift account.  Unfortunately I lost my jersey and zwift power has me down as a DNF.

There was also trouble with the new companion app.  Whenever I clicked on a user to give them a ride on the app just spun - so sorry no ride ons from me today :frowning:

Filed a trouble ticket with zwift and see what happens.  Good job it’s just a game and the tss in my legs is still there :slight_smile:


I did not get my Zwift Fondo March jersey, too.

I completed the challenge on 147th place in C-Category (https://www.zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=46880).


The activity has not been synchronized with Strava,

The manual downloaded .fit-file lacks the last three kilometres,

Please give me the jersey, I earned yesterday!

Reported to support 24 hours ago and but not had anything other than the automated response yet.  Profile is still corrupt and showing the wrong total miles figure etc too.

Was hoping I’d at least have had an update to let me know if they can fix it or if my profile is screwed.  Not expecting miracles when we know they’ve had problems, but that’s 24 hours and no updates… that’s really not great.

I got a ticket update yesterday:

“While there’s no way for us to restore the lost distance to your Zwift Dashboard, we will be manually unlocking jerseys for everyone who participated in the Fondo.”

They’re working on it…

Did you have the .fit file Phil or just a request for them to correct your profile in general?

I’ve uploaded what appears to be an uncorrupted version of the .fit file to strava and it shows fine there, so surely they must be able to use that to correct the profile on ZWIFT itself.

Whatever the outcome, it’s put me off doing any more big events on ZWIFT for a while.

First month, first big event… first big fail.  Not great.



I didn’t send them that, just the session log file. I’ve filled partial upload issues in the past and got the same response regarding changing dashboard stats. It seems they don’t have a method of changing those values unfortunately.

This is the second time in 15 months for me so the occasional hickup isn’t so bad, although I can understand if it’s your first month…

I am not even listed in the results at all, not DNF, finished or filtered. i have 29km of record with zwift, no unlocks - even though i got a congrats at the end.


I also LOST all my profile mileage, and ALSO lost a huge chunk of climbing off my everest challenge - WHICH PISSES ME OFF THE MOST!

I did manual upload to strava though, and that is fine ~ always save!

I never experienced any problems throughout the ride as other were stating at the time about freezing etc.

So seems the official response is “sorry, not sorry. We’ll unlock the Fondo jersey eventually but your profile will remain corrupt forever and the values shown on your rides will contradict what your total profile values say. Oh and all your other unlocks and achievements are lost”

To say I’m disappointed and have lost all faith in ZWIFT is an understatement.

Anyone able to suggest any decent alterntatives?



Anyone any tips on how to escalate a support ticket?

Not happy with the fob off response I was given after waiting 2 days and despite responding immediately, it looks like I may have to wait for days to get another response.

Similarly, to be told they can’t do anything to resolve this is nonsense.  Probably just needs someone to delete the corrupt .fit files and resync my profile or something.

If this was a free service I’d take it on the chin, but looking at all options now given they’ve taken my money and not delivered.

Is there a phone number or anything you can call to speak to a human?



Here’s the reply I received from Zwift:


Brady C  (Zwift)

Mar 19, 11:54 PDT

Hey Jim,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble.

We experienced some server issues yesterday and a number of users are reporting not getting that kit. We are gathering a list of all the riders who earned that jersey and did not receive it and will be issuing those sometime this week. Thank you for your patience , you can expect to see that jersey show up sometime over the next few days.

Let us know if you have any questions before we close this ticket.

Brady C 
Member Experience Agent


Has there been any update to this, still no Fondo kit??

I never received my Fondo kit, as a matter of fact I’ve never received a kit for any race or event that I’ve entered and was promised a kit for completing said event. The Sugoi event yesterday as an example.