No results in Zwift power

Hi, I did the last Grand Fondo ride for February, I was late starting and ZP did show any results. I also raced this morning in the DBR Nortec Cup this morning and again no results? Where have my results gone?

Thank you

Hi Jonathan

I found your DBR activity in the Live tab in the non-finisher section (ZP had an issue with your data stream of some description which could be your environment or Zwifts, from what I understand that this can mean).

I could be wrong but Zwift appear to have been removing late starters from TdZ ZP results so assume they applied the same to zFondo as well (avoids upsetting people who would see a result like yours with a fake podium result type of thing).

Thank you Dean, to be more specific, I updated my Assioma duo pedals on Saturday. I have previously had problem with my right pedal, and cannot calibrate it properly so I run my pedals in UNO mode. I did try and start the GF on Saturday, but I my kick was reporting 800-900 watts. I did a spin down on my Wahoo app, and recailbrated it so it was working properly again. Sunday I start the GF, same thing happens but I am able to resolve the issue in about 15 minutes and was able to join the Fondo 10k into the ride. My numbers were consistent and fine with what I normally ride. Monday I rode the DRB, again my numbers were normal. So it seems like there is a lag somewhere? thoughts? (I rode both Sunday and Monday in UNO mode, and I always use my kickr as my measure for power …
Thanks again for listening.

Happy to try and help Jonathan.

Being in the Live tab for the DBR ride is very much a network related issue, not sensor but I cant say whether its between ZP and Zwift servers or at your end. Zwift support may be able to tell from their records but that would require chatting with support.

I did wonder whether the fact that your cadence was missing from the Fondo was the cause, but if so, I would have expected to see you in the filtered list (DQ) rather than “disappeared”. Two other riders were DQ’ed so no reason why you woudn’t appear there if ZP saw an indiscretion. So, no, I think its purely this whole removing late joiners for big events that you were caught out with (which seems a bit tough, it happened on one of my TdZ events too).

Kickrs have a few reported issues around resistance/reverse gradient feeling etc lately. I have a kickr and have been fine but its worth searching for “kickr resistance” and you will see a few threads on it. Firmware updates/downgrades are typically what help some people.