Gran Fondo event disappeared from zwiftpower

What happened? Where are the results?

I also can’t find any results (16:30 Berlin Starttime (should be15:30 on zwiftpower)). Shortly after the Fondo it was on the site but said “no data” or something like that. Since then it’s gone :-/

Suggest you send an email to - they have reinstated them in the past.

Email sent. First I got auto response that if I have a problem I should check it here.
Then I got 2 emails with “You’ve reached a bump in the road. We do not monitor this email address”.
What should I do now?

I also sent an email with my fit file. They are looking into it. I get back here, when I get new news :slight_smile:

My results never loaded from yesterdays Gran Fondo event either.

Same issue here. We rode the 11:30 AM USA ET Zwift Fondo and it’s nowhere to be found. Posting here so I can see if there is a response. Also sent E-mail to ZP, no reply.

Wow. And is different to Anthro’s response he got it seems. Given the additional posts, hopefully some emails get through. I’d also suggest logging through and when writing the message, ask that it is directed to the Zwiftpower team.

I already sent numerous emails and reported this thru support zwift com. Only to get automatic responses: “look forward to speaking with you! We will get back to you as quickly as we can.”
No actual response, no support, no care.

The Fondo is now listet on Zwift Power - Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21

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