Zwift Fondo 3-30 GMT

Hi all, anyone know why the zwift fondo on the 20th MARCH at 3-30pm GMT isn’t showing in the results on zwiftpower?


I’m also looking for that particular event.
It’s visible in activities, but not in the rides. ​

The previous and later Fondo events are visible, but not this one.

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Hi, there’s another thread regarding that Fondo not appearing on Zwiftpower. One user recommended contacting zwift via email. I did this a few hours ago and according to their response mail they are looking into it.

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Ah, I did look for another post but didn’t see it.

Once I finished the Fondo today I did not manage to immediately record the ride at Srava. The third attepmt was successfull. However, the Fondo was recorded not as Fondo, but just as Watopia - both in Zwift Companion and Strava.

Those are symptoms of a network glitch. At least you got the data!

@Peter_Kilby and others - here’s the other post. It is odd that its hittig the Grand Fondo so very likely an easy fix but I do encourage you all to email them (or go via support if email bounces back).

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Dean, this is a completely different story - the main issue is that this event is not visible as event in ZwiftPower, but only as a activity.

Here is the full list in ZP:
Yesterday 21:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 145
Yesterday 19:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 231
Yesterday 16:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 394
Yesterday 14:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 594
Yesterday 11:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 469
Yesterday 09:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 713
Saturday 22:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 261
Saturday 18:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 304
Saturday 12:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 568
Saturday 10:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21 557
Saturday 08:30 Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21

As you can see above, the event scheduled for Saturday 16:30 (CET) is missing like it never happened.

The problem is that I was there and it was saved properly (activity list):
Saturday 16:29 [Zwift] Zwift Fondo Series: Bambino Fondo 1:38:01

Yip, get that. I was responding to Ventsislav post which has a very specific difference to yours - his Companion App activity is not recorded correctly, yours and others are on the Companion App.

The Fondo is now listet on Zwift Power - Zwift Fondo Series 2020/21

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