Missing Zfondo Kit Unlock

Not sure if there is already a thread about this, but I did the Zfondo ride today and did not receive an unlock. I did late join the event, but I thought you still get the kit if you late join… I tried logging on again and didn’t receive the kit upon ride start. Anyone have an answer or an explanation?

Can you contact support please Oliver? They should be able to sort it out for you.

If it’s a wider issue (lots more people with the same problem) I’ll flag it to the team so they can fix in bulk.

Same here. Joined in advance, finished the ride, no kit :frowning:

I have the same problem. Bambino Fondo completed. No late join. But no kit unlocked for Feb.

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I just received the ‘completed’ e-mail this morning, after completing the fondo yesterday. It indicates the kit should be in my garage the next time I log in. Perhaps its’ the same for everyone else?

Me too​:sob::sob::sob: the kit is actually nice and didn’t receive it upon finish. Didn’t receive the Roll with Castelli kit yesterday ass well

Hy james. whats the correct email from the Zwift support ?? I don’t habe received the Garmin and the Fondo jersey. thanks for your answer. Patrick

If you go to https://support.zwift.com and click on contact us, it’ll directly you to ask a question. If the automated answer doesn’t work, it’ll let you open a support ticket.

Thanks James. have a nice day.

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Completed the Bambino Fondo that started 7p EST on 2/3, and no kit unlock as well

Just checked Zwift, after receiving the email earlier this morning about having the kit added to my garage, but the kit still is not there. Is it possible that it will just be added to the garage of everyone who completed the Fondo after all sessions of the event are over? I was out of town for the January Fondo, so I’m not sure how it was handled then.

I’m quite sure I got the January kit right away after completing the event. I’m signed up for the Feb. fondo on Sunday afternoon, will see after that is completed if I get this months kit.

Me too. Didn‘t get the Kit after Bambino Fondo. I only got a mail for finishing the event.

Thanks all - I’ve flagged this.

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Just also noting that the automated email for me had “Complete: January’s Zwift Fondo” in the subject line, even though the main body was correct for the February Fondo.

(Bambino fondo on my end. 2/3/22; 6:00 PM CST. No jersey unlocked.)

Hi everyone - we discovered an issue with the event set-up for the February Fondo events that have occurred so far today. We’re working on identifying who completed the event and will make sure you have the unlocked kit in your Garage. Please allow us some time to correct this situation and I will follow-up once it’s completed.

All Fondo events starting after 5pm PST today, should have the unlock automatically applied to the Garage.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks, Paul! Be sure to get the kit to everyone who has completed the event so far, not just so far today, since the event started yesterday.


Good call. We will be crediting everyone who has completed the February Fondo so far.

A friend of mine and I finished the route and didn’t get ours either. I emailed support and waiting to hear back

I also completed the (bambino) Fondo. I signed up earlier today, completed the event and received the email confirming completion, but still no jersey kit.