No E-Fondo kit after completing event

I completed the Zwift E-Fondo today

The event details say:

“All Zwifters who finish the event will unlock the official Zwift eFondo kit. Completing the event is the only way to unlock this badge of honor for keeps so don’t miss out! When Zwifters see you in the kit they will know you finished the eFondo.”

I can’t see the kit in customize settings. Can you help?

Yeah I’m having the same problem. Hopefully it gets sorted out!

same here…I want that kit!!!

Well this is embarrassing, the team are aware of the situation and looking in to the issue.

Anyone who entered and completed the ride will have their jersey added to their account, so every one can see they have completed the ride!

Ride On!

Good to know it will be sorted.

Is there an update on this problem yet?

Still waiting?  Any updates?


Eric Min posted about 10 days ago that the kit would be available in the next update.

Nope. New London extension update is out and still no option to select E-Fondo kit.

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for being so patient. Everyone that should have received the eFondo kit from the first event should now have it available on their account. If not, submit a ticket and I’ll get it taken care of for you. 


Today Friday 23 june, after the last official response, checked the kit was in my account. Thanks for the support team. Btw did a ride yesterday evening I thought I checked and it wasn’t there yet. But now all sorted out!