Finished TDZ 2021 but no kit!

I finished all 8 stages of TDZ 2021, received socks and cap, but after stage 8 I expected to get the shirt/kit as well, but nothing happened! Am I missing something? Anyone else with the same problem?

I got mine the next time I logged in.


Me too. Does your companion app say you’re at 100%

Where can I find that in the companion app? If I log in on the zwift site (not the game software), it says I completed all stages (all the boxes are checked).

Okay, found it in te companion app. It says I completed tdz, but no kit… :cry:

Have you logged back into the game since finishing stage 8? It should come up when you spawn into any route/world.

Aha! Problem solved. I tried logging in several times, but without pairing my Neobike and therefore without choosing the ride-option. When I did, I received the kit. Thanks for your help.

Funny how not receiving basically a couple of bits and bytes can be so frustrating after putting in the effort of doing a tour.

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Collecting kit can become an obsession.

I did the full Ventoux yesterday just because a free jersey was on offer!

Haha! Indeed! How did you know about the offer?

Sometimes you’ll get emails advertising events but these are normally ones arranged by Zwift.

Other times I’ll browse the schedule on the companion app and you’ll see ones where you get to keep the jersey upon completion.