Completed Tour De Zwiftbut no kit

Hi, I completed TDZ stage 7 last night with all stages showing as completed but have received no confirmation or kit that I can see? Will this happen when the event finishes for everyone or has something gone wrong that I can’t see, Thanks, Mike

Same here. Also, seemed like everyone was running in regular kit during the event rather than the TDZ shirts. Would be good to know if this is an issue before we miss the chance to re-run.

A couple of the races I saw that and didn’t receive an email after although now all the rides show in the companion app and on the sites TDZ page. I cant check in app as at work right now. Looking through the forum I’m seeing a few variations on this so hopefully someone will come along in a minute who can shed some light.

I have not receive a completion confirmation email for stage 7 yet, but I did get the Tour Jersey for completing the entire Tour when I checked last night.

@Mike_Allen6725 I finished the riding portion yesterday. I saved and exited and no kit. But next time I logged in to ride and spawned I got the notice that I had been awarded the kit. Have you done another ride since completing the tour?

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I’ve not done another ride since but did manage to quickly log into Zwift from work and still nothing showing. I’ll ride again tonight and see what happens then.

Just logged in and started a run. Saw the TDZ kit unlocked same as @DKE_Watson as soon as I spawned.

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Logged in earlier and up popped the banner as in the post above. Not sure why this didn’t happen earlier but thanks to everyone for the comments :+1:

Same here! 7 stages :white_check_mark: kit :-1:.
But just logged in for my next ride and the TdZ kit Unlocked.
:+1:t2: Ride On!!! :+1:t2:

I completed all stages, got the banner at the bottom of the screen during my next ride, but don’t see the kit in my Zwift garage or anywhere. Does it come later somehow?

try logging out & logging back in