Tour de Zwift 2020 stages not recognised at complete

I don’t seem to have unlocked any achievement for completing all 7 stages and when I look through my emails I don’t seem to have received emails upon completion of stages 5 or 7. What can I do?

Similar problem. All stages show completed in my activities, but I didnt get the kit or notice that I completed the tour.

@Denise_Bray after completing all the stages you don’t get anything right then. The next time you log in and spawn in game you should get a notification that you have been awarded the kits

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In fact, this just happened exactly as described – not enough to log in, you have to start riding.

I’m having the same problem too, i completed all the rides(they are visible in my zwift activities as well as in zwiftpower(did them as races)) but still no kit after logging out and back in again and start riding. On the menu screen it shows thumbs up on all stages except the last one(Yorkshire) so maybe it hasn’t recognized that as complete? Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! That’s solved it for me - I was expecting to get the kit at the end of Stage 7, I hadn’t considered starting a new session.