Tour de zwift completion not recognised

I’ve completed all of the January tour de zwift a day ago but I haven’t had any confirmation of this, It also didn’t unlock the tour de zwift kit!!! Any one else experienced this?

Are you on their mailing list?

I got a notification for all the previous 8 stages, just this last one hasn’t come through!! Hopefully will come through in the next few days.


In all the 9 stages I did I got the email within about 30 seconds of crossing the line. I was still on my bike cooling down.

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My completion was not recognized either. I finished Stage 9, however my events page only shows a 4.5 mile ride.

The companion app shows the same. 4.48 miles of Stage 9.

We’re aware there’s been some cases where Zwifters aren’t getting Stage 9 completion confirmation. We’re investigating on our side!

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It looks like you did register as completing Stage 9, so you should have gotten that email. Are you sure that it wasn’t filtered into your spam inbox by mistake? If it wasn’t, you still should have all of your progress for the Tour de Zwift counted, and should be able to expect the kit. If you don’t see your progress updated on your Tour de Zwift page, just write in to, and we’ll get it taken care of for you.

Ride On!

Hi there, I completed stage 6 on Sunday 20th January. I subsequently completed stage 7, 8 and 9.

It took me 3 hours to complete it as I did it in A. Absolutely delighted to have completed it. Toughest I have ever done. However it has not registered on my account. I went over the finish line???
Stage 7 8 and 9 have the thumbs up sign on the display on my account page but stage 6 has not been recognized.
Can this be rectified please?

Exactly the same for me. I completed stage 8 on the last make up day which completed the series but no email confirmation of either the stage or the series. I got notified of all other stages within minutes of completion.

Same for me - I completed Stage 2 (New York - Everything Bagel) as my final stage last night and the ride is showing as completed in Zwift, yet the TdZ page doesn’t recognise it, and I didn’t receive the completion email. I have all of my .fit files if required for Zwift to check.

Same again here, Completed stage 7(B) as my final stage in the TDZ, and it is still showing as incomplete on the TDZ page. I did this final ride on the extra make up day on Monday 05th Feb 19:30 GMT. Maybe TDZ isnt recognising rides on this extra day ?

i have the same issue but with Stage 8, which was completed on Feb. 4.

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Same again here, Completed stage 3 and 4 yesterday on the extra make up day on Monday 05th Feb


TDZ isnt recognising rides .

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Same problem for me. Rode the last missing stage yesterday. Got no email and jersey. Really disappointing after all the effort spent. What will be the solution, do we need to do anything or are we waiting for a fix on Zwift’s side?

Thank you,

I have also just had the same issue.

Completed my last stage (8) yesterday on the 2/4/19 make up day and did not get a completion email for the Stage or for the whole TDZ. All my completion notifications for the other 8 stages came instantly.

Was in the exact same event as aaron and have the same issue.

I am not very confident they will be able to fix this. See their response below when I inquired about the Jan Calorie Mission not appearing, and that they can’t “add the badge” after the fact:

Thanks for reaching out. We’re very sorry for the issues you are encountering with the 10,000 calorie mission.

When you have a chance, can you please make sure that you’re on the latest game version of Zwift to ensure that all your calories are added to your progress, Also, please check to make sure you’re not logging into multiple devices during one session.

This issue is on our radar, however, we don’t have any leads on what is causing it at the moment. While we’re actively investigating, we may not have a chance to fix before the end of the mission on the 31st.

If you have Completed the full 10,000 calories and this is not showing in your progress, please submit a request with screenshots of your calorie totals. While we don’t have an entitlement tool to manually add badges just yet, we may be able to do so in the future.

Once again, I’m very sorry for this inconvenience and for any frustration that this may have caused. If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know! "

For me,
I received emails for all of the stages I completed, Except the make up stages.
Though it showed on my tour graph as completed (Thumb up in the square), No emails.
I completed the last stage yesterday, and still no email, or full completion kit.

Just sent off to Zwift support, in hopes they can help.

Same for me… I completed the last stage yesterday, but no confirmation received…

Completed Stage 3 on the extra day and it wasn’t recognized as well.