Tour of London Stage 3 - no confirmation email

Completed this last night and haven’t received a confirmation email or any notification to say the Tour is complete.

Anyone know what the fix is?

Same for me. Completed Stage 5. No confirmation, no jersey. Seems that this is a general issue… :frowning:

I just looked here before posting the same question, I missed stage 1 early on so I completed that yesterday, no email to say complete.

I have similar issue, having completed all five stages, no confirmation for the last stage, or having done the mission. I suspect that it will be that annoying thing that zwift always come up with about dodgy WiFi effecting the ride log, which seems weird when the rides are siren complete.

Just raised a support ticket. Stated they can’t credit individual stages but to get back to them if kit hasn’t unlocked by 23rd :confused:

Stage is showing as complete in Zwift companion and uploaded to Strava as well.

I thought I had done stage 5 without a credit, turned out I selected E group and so while I finished I was so far behind it did count. Check your results in zwiftpower

Def group A.

Support have said I should get the credit by 23rd.

Made up Stages 1 & 2 this weekend and I haven’t received the congrats email for either of those. But Companion does list me in the Results for each, so…?

Confirmation email is through this morning confirming I have unlocked the kit :+1: