Not getting event complete emails

During the Tour of London, I never received any completion emails for any of the stages. I have no way of tracking my credit during the Tour. How can I get my email notifications working before the Tour of Zwift?

I still haven’t been given the TDL jersey either… but the support team said I should have gotten an email by this week on when my jersey should arrive. Based on that support, I’m getting emails from zwift, just not completion notices

Not sure about not receiving the emails, I did receive mine. However, I did complete all 5 stages and did receive a confirmation email stating the jersey would be in my Zwift closet by Dec 31. However, it’s now January 3 and I still don’t have it. I actually don’t even have my Tour of New York jersey either. Try sending an email to the below email address and see if they can help. I just sent an email a few minutes ago to them to try and resolve the issue.

email address: