Tour de Zwift complete?

Finished stage 8 this morning and weirdly expected some fanfare and the unlocking of the TdZ Jersey. Ride is showing on Zwift companion but I haven’t received the congratulations email either.

Same here. Nothing received… :frowning:

Same here finished the final stage this morning and no email, However when I relaunched Zwift it showed I had unlocked the jersey
Not got a discount code from the Le Col £50 off voucher either like I read somewhere you would.

All the TdZ unlocks (run and ride) worked this way. For some reason you only get them when you log in again. So was not surprised not to see anything after the ride.

TBH, I’d have been more keen on the kit if it looked like the run shirt with the dark blue background. But that’s personal preference. Will see whether my run kit is there when I go for a run in an hour or so.


Same to me