Tour de zwift jersey

I completed all 8 tour de zwift stages… But don’t have tour de zwift jersey available in my garage… Did I do something wrong or is there a bug or do I need to activate something? :thinking:

I seem to remember mine was enabled the next time I entered Zwift. By now since the TdZ is done, you likely would have exited and entered many times so that should not be the issue.

Did your TdZ page show all the stages completed? Unfortunately it looks like all that is gone now so you can’t go back and easily check if it shows completion of all stages.

Did you receive the TdZ cap in your garage around stage 5? That would be an indicator if the system at least saw your completions to that point.

Just trying to help narrow down the potential issues and knowledge. In the end if you truly care about getting access to the jersey, it may require a support ticket with Zwift.

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Yes it showed all 8 stages completed on the screen. I just thought the jersey would just show up in my garage… It’s kind of unfortunate as I made an effort to get them all done to get the jersey.

Here too.
Did Stage 3 as Make-up, but all other normal.
The Companion App showed TdZ as complete afer the Stage 3 Make-up. (Feb 16th)
Got the Socks and Cap, but never the Jersey.
I did not log in about 3 weeks after Stage 3, cause the weather here was awesome, so I cycled outside. Login on March 5th was normal, no Jersey.
Maybe cause there was a zwift update in between?

But I don’t really care for the jersey, just wanted to report.

Thx for the info. After ur message I shutdown and rebooted my pc (normally just in sleep mode) opened zwift and now I see it… Not sure if I was just blind or because I rebooted it updated. Anyways… Got the jersey! :+1: Thx