Tour of London Jersey

Completed all 5 stages, received email that I completed the Tour of London 5 stages and how to select the kit.
But surprise the kit is not there.

Hi @H_V_D_aka_UTURN

Welcome to the Zwift forum. The kits will be delivered at the end of the tour to those who’ve completed all the stages. Sorry for the delay and we appreciate your patience!


I completed Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 the previous days and Stage 5 today but I didn’t get the email. Should I be worried?! :confused:


Ditto. Nothing

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I didn’t get an email about my stage today either

I’m sure it’s fine

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No email here either.

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I am the same but I think they will come once the catch up rides are done.

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Same here, all stages complete. No email for last stage, so no jersey option. I’d be surprised but it seems to happen on almost every challenge.


Happened to me as well, did stage 2 as catch up today - no email and no kit …

+1, finished Stage 1 on Saturday as my only remaining stage, no email so far.

I have this same problem today and yesterday with my make up stages. Did Stage 3 and 5 as make ups, never got an email afterwards my other stages. I also completed all the stages but haven’t gotten an email about how I completed the event overall.

Had the same problem here, did stages 2,3,4 & 5 as part of the regular scheduling, got completion emails within about a minute of completing. Did stage 1 on catchup (B event so only a single lap + lead in). Completed the event, rolled onto complete the kilometre I was on as per usual before exiting.

Haven’t received an email, ride uploaded to strava just fine, and in the Zwift companion app it even showed me in the general classification.

Hi Matteo, David, and Matthew, No you shouldn’t be worried at all! You’ll still be receiving the kit once the Tour is over!

Hi All, You can rest assured that once the Tour is over, you’ll be getting the kits. It may take a little bit to get it, so please wait a little bit before you check to see if you have the kit. We here at Zwift hope that you enjoyed the Tour!

Nine hours after your latest post and still no kit. Finished tour on Wednesday. Tour finished yesterday after make up rides. I have confirmation e-mails. Still no kit. Why?

The same. No kit yet after having finished yesterday with stage 4, also without mail. Strange!

Buggy that automatism?

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I completed all of the stages and didn’t get an email either. The kit was supposed to be here today. Any updates?

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Same here, no email saying I’d completed my catch up stage, no jersey!!! Same for my husband
Getting a little fed up with these ‘technical issues’

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Same here. Didn’t receive two e-mails after completing two stages and have not received the jersey.

Same for me. Did stage 4 on saterday, no mail for that stage