Tour of London no stage 2 confirmation

I had completed stage 2 of the Tour of London (London stage)last week but didn’t receive an email confirmation so did it again today( short one )and guess what “no email”definitely completed both stages. Has this happened to anyone else, will I receive my kit tommorow??

I had the same thing happen to me with my make up Stage 1 yesterday. It was my last stage to complete the tour. I didn’t receive an email and didn’t get the Tour kit either. I’m hoping it will eventually show up.

Yup, having the same issue. Stage 2. Rode it again Saturday, still no email…

Received all of the confirmations except for the one yesterday (Stage 4). I feel somewhat better that others have the same problem… The activity does show up in my list in Zwift Companion (73rd out of 74…), but I started a minute late and I am concerned that the ride was finished, but not eligible as a result. If so, they really need to make this clear because I might have quit and tried later.
Sorry – first time I’ve managed to finish all of the stages in a Tour (last one was interrupted by cardiac issues and a stent) so I don’t know whether this is common. Have submitted a message to Support and will let you know what they say.

Others with this issue have contacted support and they have been able to reinstate some of them.

Yep, sent a note, got a response back, and it will be fixed. Manually, apparently, so they warned me to be patient.

Good to know. I bet it will take them a while given the numbers in the groups I rode with. Zwift is so big now.

Had the same (stage 3 completed on catch up). Had an email this morning confirming I’ve completed the Tour and kit has been awarded.