Tour de Zwift: no congratulatory email?

Last month, for Tour of London, I received congratulatory email from Zwift for each stage I participated in. Yesterday, I completed Stage 1 of Tour de Zwift, but I received no congratulatory email. Did anyone else?

Same for me, no email immediately after completing the stage.

Same here. Didnt know I have to register for the event, I think thats the case.

I am registered, so that’s not it.

I also thought it was because I forgot to register until after completing the stage. So will I still get credit toward doing all 9 stages if I wasn’t registered?

When I logged into Zwift after completing the first stage there’s a box on the left side of the screen showing my progress. There are 9 numbered stages. The stage one number has now been replaced by a thumbs up. (I didn’t receive an email either.)

ETA: If you’re doing the calorie mission, you may have to click to the next window to see the Tour de Zwift progress screen.

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Thanks! The thumbs up for stage 1 was hidden behind the calorie mission.

I also did not get an email for TdZ Stage 1, although I did get a thumbs-up in box 1 of the TdZ Mission summary. The ride shows up in my activities, and it uploaded to Strava.

My calories for the TdZ Stage 1 did not get counted in my 10,000 Calorie Mission. Did everybody else’s calories get counted?

My calories for TdZ1 did get counted towards the calorie mission.

I also did the tour stage 1 and I didn’t get any credit for miles, calories, xp points, climbing, etc. it shows I completed the first stage and I did get a thumbs up, but I got zero credit for riding. I sent them a message 2 days ago and haven’t heard back yet. I think there may have been an issue with stage 1 but not sure. Will let you know if I hear back from zwift. Anyone else experience what i did besides the calories not working? Thanks

Hey Frank, checking into your situation.

Edit: @Frank is your ride for Tour de Zwift not showing in your dashboard? We’re investigating cases like yours internally

Can you send in a support conversation with your .fit activity file if possible and your log file?

Support Conversation: Contact Us
How to find log files:

My email just arrived this afternoon after having completed stage 1 yesterday morning.

Vincent the tour stage 1 is showing in my dashboard but I never got credit for the miles, calories, xp points, and climbing. I do track all my rides in a journal and I knew that I was missing the 18 miles. The 10 mile warmup counted, but the 18 miles after didn’t. I started the morning at 3105 miles on zwift and ended at 3115. Should of been at 3133. Also the challenge only showed the calories I burned for the warmup and not the stage calories burned. Somehow, even tho it’s in the dashboard, it never updated the results anywhere. Very odd. I will do my best to attach all log files for that day. Thanks for your help! Frank

I sent the fit and log files to Let me know you received them. Thanks.