Tour of London kit

I have completed the 2019 tour of London but no kit is available I have deleted the app and reloaded it but still no kit

Hi Philip,
did you complete the tour of London in 2018?
If so, I’m not sure you get another jersey as I think it’s the same kit this year as
it was last year.
I could be wrong though.

From this thread: Tour of London Jersey

Hi. I completed stage 5 this evening (19th). As soon as I’d finished I received an email from Zwift confirming I’d completed all stages and the jersey would be available by 23rd December. Hopefully it’s the same for everyone else too!

My email says to check for the kit by the 23rd, not that it would be available by the 23rd. Although in somewhat broken English…“Check your garage by the Monday, December 23rd for your Tour of London kit.”

Maybe the “by the” shouldn’t be in the email.