Missing Tour Of London Kit

No Kit till today.
Bummer …

+1 from me. I can’t see the kit in my customisations either :disappointed_relieved:

Hey guys if you contact us @ Zwift support and let us know, we will get you all sorted out!

I‘m also missing the Tour of London Kit

Samen for me.
Didn’t receive the Kit yet

No kit for me either. Started TDZ today.

still missing …

Haven’t received kit either

No Tour of London kit?

i not have on day reiceved kit of London it is Normal??

Haven’t received kit either

If you haven’t received a kit can you send us a support conversation if you haven’t already? Thank you!

Quick response but still the Kit is missing.:sleepy:

Contacted support a couple on Jan 20th. Still no kit …

I have had 3 emails with Zwift support since 7th January. Firstly saying it will be within the month - not met, then twice informing me this could be a few days. This is ridiculous. It was my first Zwift event and I got stuck in and embraced it but now have a bitter taste from it over 6 weeks since completing the event - it would have been quicker to get physical kits made, printed and distributed. Does the London kit actually exist or should I be waiting for my Fyre Festival ticket to arrive before this???